Valdaolid and the Chichen Itza

Cancun to Valladolid I took a 2-hour ride from Cancun to Valladolid and it was a little bit uncomfortable. I know that some level of harassment is to be expected but I was annoyed by a man the entire trip. He moved seats to sit beside me and wouldn't stop staring at me. I ignored… Continue reading Valdaolid and the Chichen Itza

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Stupidity and Arrival in Cancun

The last few days in Cayman were stressful. I got waterboarded with Tequila at my "surprise leaving party". I didn't want a leaving party because when I'm stressed I will drink myself stupid and am a liability- which is exactly what happened! I don't know how this happened. I really don't. I had been putting off… Continue reading Stupidity and Arrival in Cancun

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Pancake Tuesday

Today might be Mardi Gras for you but for me it is Pancake Tuesday. This is a tradition across Ireland that marks the first day of Lent. Traditionally it was to use up luxury items such as flour, sugar and eggs before the 40 day fast of Lent. It used to be my favorite day of… Continue reading Pancake Tuesday

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5 Best and 5 Worst Things about living in Grand Cayman

  The Worst 1. The Cost and Availability of everything This is why tax-free salary isn't on my best list. While we do not pay income tax, there is definitely sales tax applied to everything. If I wanted a new pair of trainers,  I would be choosing from a limited selection and paying at least an… Continue reading 5 Best and 5 Worst Things about living in Grand Cayman

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Travel Book Recommendations

What better way to pass the long hours on a bus or plane than with a book? I am happiest with my bashed up old Kindle in a hammock (in some shade with a breeze). As much as I love turning pages, the Kindle is so compact and convenient for travel.  I'm pretty sure that… Continue reading Travel Book Recommendations

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Travel Vaccinations and Mosquitos

Getting sick when traveling is almost inevitable. Dehli Belly, Montezuma's revenge and even the just a chronic hangover, these are relatively minor situations but please take precautions with the more serious illnesses. I am thanking my lucky stars this week for my travel insurance because it only cost me $65 instead of $600. Regardless of… Continue reading Travel Vaccinations and Mosquitos

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Finishing Work and Hitting the Road

My last day in work was Friday and it confirmed for me that I am doing the right thing about leaving. I am convinced I never want to work in an office again and hopefully some travel will help me to figure out what I want. I want to be my own boss for sure… Continue reading Finishing Work and Hitting the Road

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Introverts Guide to Solo Travel

Travel is not for everyone. Solo travel is definitely not for everyone. However, if you are shy, awkward and have trouble making friends, taking a trip by yourself could be the best thing you ever do! If you haven't realized it already, being introverted is not always a bad thing and should not hold you… Continue reading Introverts Guide to Solo Travel