Consistent Mediocrity

Are you always searching for the next diet?

Paleo, low carb, high carb, weight watchers, slimming world.

You’ve done them all. They worked but now you have put the weight back on.

All diets work. All diets that are based on a calorie deficit will result in weight loss overtime.

The key is adherence, so the best diet is the one that you can stick to.

The weekend are for treats but often the calories deficit created during the week can quickly turn into an all out binge which destroys the hard work during the week.

If anything, it is better to be consistently medium in your approach. I honestly can’t remember if I made this term up, I might have stolen it from an old coach. It sounds like something he would say. In any case, I give myself permission to use poetic licence.

The idea is that you are moderate in your food intake 7 days a week. Have a treat at the weekend but during the week too. Have a salad all week, but have one at the weekend too. Don’t treat the weekends as if you are a squirrel storing nuts for hibernation. There is no need to store up because you know you will not be starving yourself during the week.

Being in the right frame of mind is essential for weight loss. Plan it during a stress free period at work and a quiet time during your social life. Do it because you want to look and feel better, to improve athletic performance and just for yourself.

Also remember that the scales isn’t everything. If your clothes are loser, you feel better,  you are sleeping better, your skin is clearer, but the number on the scales isn’t moving? Why are you upset? Your dietary changes have worked! Often there will not be a drastic change in the scales, particularly when you have less weight to move. Don’t let the number dictate your happiness, it is the smallest measure.




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