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5 Signs Office Life is not for you



1. You constantly look at flights and vacations online

When you hear your manager coming, you quickly close the tab containing flight searches and sneakily check your phone for accommodation searches. You could be a travel agent. You know which airlines fly to which airports, what attractions are where and what currency is used in every country in South America. The only way that you get through the dreary office day is to imagine yourself somewhere else.

2.  You are always restless

Playing with an elastic band, chewing on a pencil, up to fill your water bottle, get a cup of tea, go to the toilet and get a snack. You are not meant to be glued to an office chair all day and find any excuse to get up! You can’t wait to go on your lunchtime stroll and for the clock to strike 5. As soon as you get home, you have to gym or run or yoga because you feel the need to shake off that feeling of being cooped up all day.

3. You just don’t see the point

You aren’t enjoying your work, you don’t feel a purpose and most of all, you just can’t even find the motivation to care. Deadline coming up, so what? You are still taking your lunch and not working a second more than you have to, You do the bare minimum to get by, smile and be polite but everyone can see that you are itching to run out that door.

4. You think about phoning in sick EVERY morning

Flu, headache, food poisoning, bereavement. All the excuses you could take for not showing up to work today. You know you need the money, but can’t help thinking about all of the time you know that you will never get back giving an employer you hate the best years of your life?

5. You feel like you are in Groundhog Day.

The same day on repeat over and over again. The same hellos, the same routine, the same work and the same feeling of dissatisfaction. It feels like you have been doing this same job day in, day out for years. You could do it with your eyes shut and you are strongly concerned what the boredom is doing to your brain


If you feel like the above, it may be time to think about a career break or change.

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