Podcast Recommendations


Do you hear everyone talking about Podcasts, but you have never listened to one? The great news is, it is easy to find one that you are interested in because there is one about every imaginable topic! I use a website and app called Stitcher.

I love sitting in work, on my commute, on a walk just listening to something in the background. It is a simple way of educating yourself and learning something extra in time which may be otherwise wasteful. In my boring office job, podcasts keep my brain stimulated and honestly, keep me sane while I work.

Here are 5 that I listened to and loved recently.

  1. Joe Rogan and Dan Carlin

Joe Rogan hosts one of the most popular Podcasts in the world. While I always thought his podcasts were too long, I think that some of his guests don’t appeal to me. A collegue recommended this one with historian Dan Carlin and I really enjoyed it. They talk about the evolution of technology, wars and pursuing an alternative life to the corporate cliche.


2. Tim Ferris and Richard Branson

I think almost everyone on the planet has heard of the Virgin Empire and Richard Branson. I stumbled upon this podcast and was enthralled by the life he has led. He has taken risks in business and life (hear all about several near death experiences), lives with a real joie de vivre and when people ask what guests I’d have to dinner, living or dead: Richard Branson is now on my list. Please listen and enjoy.

Sir Richard Branson — The Billionaire Maverick of the Virgin Empire

3. The Revisionist History Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell

I recommend this whole series. Gladwell’s voice is really relaxing and the topics are intersting and varied. Don’t let the title fool you, it isn’t as much a history podcast as it is an examination of various topics from a different point of view.


4. S-Town

This podcast is the one that got me hooked. It’s so different to the other podcasts but it you are the type to binge watch on Netflix, you will binge listen to this. It is the true story of a mis-understood man in Alabama that despises everything about the town that he grew up in but is unable to leave. It is based on a series of phone calls and interviews with John B McElmore and the host Brian Reed. John suspects a murder has been covered up in his home town but it turns out that John is a more interesting subject than a] covered up murder.

5. An Irish Man Abroad

I have to be honest about my recommendations and this podcast is one I listen to almost every week. Irish Comedian Jarlath Regan is the host and I find his style of interview so relaxed and enjoyable. He delivers his questions well, probes the interviewees but does not interupt or speak over them as I think many hosts do. My highlights were the Roddy Doyle, Panti Bliss and Hozier episodes. Aside from that Jarleth is an all around amazing man, zealous feminist and donated a kidney to his brother last year.



I hope you enjoy these, please share any recommendations below!





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