This hashtag on social media is such a cliche.

This article is about Gym and fitness goals. How to know what you want, how to set a goal and how to achieve it. Some of these skills are technical and may take some time. Others can be achieved quickly. These are all challenges I believe any average person can achieve in a year. A year is a long time you might say, but as with the diet, we are being consistently medium, remember?

It is important not to go full throttle with your workouts every day. Aim for 3 days at first. One intense, One medium and one easy. I generally do 4 days-another medium one.

Create a series of habits, build on them and watch yourself become a fitter and stronger!

Cardio challenges

  1. Run a mile unbroken
  2. Run 5km under 30 minutes
  3. Run 10km under 1 hour
  4. Row 200m under 2 minutes
  5. Cycle 5km under 10 minutes
  6. Swim 500 metre in 10 minutes

These are all just examples. Set these little challenges and try to break your own records even by a nanosecond each time.

Strength Challenges

  1. Squat to depth
  2. Squat half your body weight
  3. Squat your body weight
  4. Deadlift your body weight
  5. Deadlift 1.5 your body weight
  6. Do 10 proper push ups
  7. Do a full pull up
  8. Do a full chin up
  9. Bench 75% body weight

Again, write all of these numbers down. Record videos to monitor your form and seek advice from a trusted and knowledgeable coach. I am not a professional but I recommend reading about linear periodisation when assessing your strength. The basic princinciple is that you should not train intensely all of the time, but certain periods in your training should allow for rest and recovery. This minimises chance of injury and maximses training years.


Gymnastics/Yoga challenges

You don’t want to hit midlife and contanstly complain of stiffness. Please work on your flexibility, mobility and yoga for a few minutes every day. There are so many free resources on line from yoga teachers and physiotherapists. Remember that prevention is better than the cure. Soft tissue work with a ball foam roller, dynamic stretching and yoga are all proven to make you relax, reduce injury and provide releif from muscle soreness or even stiffness from sitting at the office all day.

  1. Headstand- tripod and forearm
  2. Handstand
  3. Crow
  4. Hero
  5. Wheel
  6. Forearm stand
  7. Splits to floor
  8. Plough


The above are all advanced goals but if you are just starting out, familiarise yourself with poses such as pigeon, warrior and lunges. See the difference a few days working on areas can make to your position. It is so rewarding to be able to finally achieve a yoga pose that one day seemed so impossible.





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