I was raised in the rolling hills of Ireland surrounded by dairy farms. Milk and potatoes every day for dinner. Bread and Butter. I had athsma as a child and still suffer with sinus and congestion issues, which I know manage by avoiding dairy. Post Christmas, I am feeling the effects of breaking my usual food rules and I have decided to undertake a month of Vegan eating.

I have lived in the Cayman Islands for 2 years, and it has been non-stop stomach issues ever since I moved here. The quality of the food is poor as almost everything is imported. The dairy and meat products come from the US and I can’t began to describe the difference in quality. I have been vegetarian for close to a year so the only issue for me will be eggs and fish. I avoid dairy too as I find it makes me break out. It is so important to realise that I already eat a lot of Vegan food, so it will be a relatively easy transition. If you are trying to begin a more plant-based diet, I think it may be better to gradually curt out and replace things. Try meat-free mondays, then move to meatless all week. Look then to cutting back and eventually eliminating dairy.

I will say it is maybe a 25% ethical 50% health decision (the usual reasons) and 35% curiosity,

I want to see if I feel better on a plant-based diet. I want to know if I will feel hungrier, if my performance improves, if my skin clears up and just to see how general energy levels are.

Bear in mind that I am leaving the Cayman Islands in 7 short weeks to travel in Central America. I am aware that my food options may be extremely limited then. However, I am willing to make allowances and my health will come first.

I am really determined to do this in a healthy way to give it a fair chance. I will be tracking my food on Myfitnesspal to ensure that I am eating enough as I would think that is the mistake most people make when they are new to a vegan diet: under eating. I have found replacements for foods that I usually eat and also found lots of new recipes to try.

Coming from a background of weightlifting and going to the gym, I am going to supplement with a vegan protein power, I have chosen the brand Sun Warrior Brown Rice Protein in Vanilla. It does not have as high a protein content as a whey protein and I’m not sure about the taste yet. I think the last whey protein I had been poisonosly sweet so I think my taste buds need to adjust.






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