“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”- Helen Keller

You can usually tell a woman is going through a change in her life if she changes her here. I have always done it: starting a new school year, college,job, moving countries and now once again, as I prepare to travel. I have been blonde, brunette, ginger, everything in between and back again. It had been the same for a while now; my life and hair. Time for a change.

As I sat in my hairdressers chair yesterday and he was telling me about how it was his dream to start his business, how he manifested it and how he had to be brave to take the step, but once he knew he wanted to do it, he knew.

I was inspired by his story.

I wanted highlights and layers. I had been thinking about it for months but was worried it would go wrong. What if I ended up with tiger stripes? What if my curly hair would be even more difficult to manage than it is already? What if it doesn’t work out?

We spoke about changing my hair completely and I think that is where most people leave it. They just talk about the change in hair or life. They will talk and talk and talk some more.

I decided to go for it.

As he cut my hair, I could see how much was falling on the ground. More and more, he snipped away. I started to regret my decision a little but I trusted him. I took a deep breath and told myself it was just hair. Trust that you are in good hands. You can always go back to your old hairstyle (even if it takes time to grow!)

As he was drying my hair, I realized I loved it. It was vibrant and different. The straggly bits at the end were gone and my face was framed nicely. I didn’t regret my decision and realized I should have trusted him more. I felt like a new person. Take the leap, or you will never know. 

Why live your life with one hair style?

Change is good, in hair and life.





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