Health and Wellness

One Week Vegan and Trip Planning

So far, I feel great. I My skin is already better and my energy levels are good. I actually set a personal best on my 5km run yesterday, doing it in just under half an hour. It was tough because I haven’t been running over Christmas but it was worth it when I saw the time at the end.  It was a beautiful day for a run, no sign of the relentless Caribbean sun and it started to drizzle as I finished. By the time I was out of the shower, there was a huge downpour and I  happily tucked into my Vegan French Toast!



I am currently meal prepping for this week. I have a Vegan Chilli, some humus for a snack and tofu with peanut sauce planned so far. Later in the week, I’m having some Chana Masala having tasted some in my local Indian restaurant during the week, I am going to attempt my own.

It has been easy so far, but the first week in January is always quiet, No one wants to go out for dinner or drinking, everyone is trying to be healthy again after Christmas. That being said, had some treats this week, on Friday in the form of an amazing Vegan chocolate chip cookie. Worth it.

It has been wet this weekend and I have been busy packing up some of my possessions, trying to learn Spanish, research my trip and reading.

My trip is a few short weeks away. I have my first week in Mexico planned. After that. I’m not sure whether to go to Belize or Guatemala. I have lived on Grand Cayman for two years now, which is why I’m not eager to visit Caye Caulker although I am sure it’s beautiful. I feel like the ruins, jungles and lakes of Guetemala are calling my name. I think that I could make my way back to Belize when I am craving the Caribbean sea again. Does anyone have any advice? Who has visited Mexico and Central America?

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