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Trip Planning

I have decided not to plan my trip in great detail and go where ever the wind blows.

I booked my flights at the weekend and fly into Cancun in one month! My first week, I will visit the Chichen Itza, Merida and Celestun. Then I am spending a week at a hostel in Cozumel to dive. I will spend another week in Tulum diving and exploring the cenotes and waterfalls. I do not like to plan my travel in great detail because you always meet people when you are traveling and then can tag along with them. I have made some fantastic friends this way!

After my time in Mexico, I am either going to travel extensively through Guatemala or try to also fit in Belize for more diving. I have three weeks at yoga retreat booked at Lake Atitlan in April so I have plenty of time to plan as I go.

At the moment, my main concern is packing up my apartment. I am considering having a garage sale on Saturday so that I can sell some of my clothes and kitchen items. I am wrapping up a project at work and have just two weeks left. My apartment lease is up  in two weeks and then I have 2 weeks of couch surfing with friends until I leave.

The stress levels are high this week. It’s all real and there is so much to do before I leave. I will write a post about vaccinations, packing, and getting organised but this is the first of many travel related posts.







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