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Finishing Work and Hitting the Road

My last day in work was Friday and it confirmed for me that I am doing the right thing about leaving. I am convinced I never want to work in an office again and hopefully some travel will help me to figure out what I want.

I want to be my own boss for sure and pick my own hours. I never want to be chained to a desk when the sun is shining or when I would rather be doing something else. It is a spoilt millenial attitude but I think I don’t have a reason to be working at the moment. I have money and no responsiblilites so why should I stay.

A year and a half I wasted in my last job and I got a crappy card that I know management didn’t bother to pay for. It was my co-workers that paid.

Walking out of the office felt surreal. I met several people I know out that night and I was telling them that I’m leaving, but saying it as if its someone else.

Me: “I’m actually leaving in 2 weeks to travel in Central America. By myself”

People: “Are you really?”

Me: “I think I really am?”

Fine, I was a bit drunk. Celebrating quitting your job to travel doesn’t happen every day, does it?

The rest of the weekend was fantastic.

This morning, I went on a Jetski Safari around Grand Cayman and stayed at the beach all day long, drank a fresh coconut and just took the sights in.

I also set a PR for my 5km time this morning, managing under 29 minutes. I really want to get it under 25 minutes.

I have 2 weeks until I leave for Cancun and am excited and nervous. I still have so much to do.

My first priority will be getting a visitor stamp so I can officially begin my holiday here.

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