Day #1 Funemployment

First things first, I had to get my vistitors’ stamp for Grand Cayman as my work permit expires. As it turns out they are only valid for one week and I have to return next week to get another one.

A minor inconvenience but I really don’t want to waste pages on my Passport, I am going to many places this year! I have already realised I will need a new passport before it expires just because I will run out of visa pages.

I went and got groceries and then went to the gym and beach.

I had a meeting with one of my Upwork clients and honestly,  I am really excited about that particular project. I think it will definitely possible for me to supplement my travels with some work from that site.

My Plan for the next 2 weeks off:

6am-8am Work

8am- Breakfast

9am-11am Work/Writing

11am Snack

12pm-1:30pm Gym

2pm-6pm Fun (Beach, Boat etc)

6pm-7pm Shower and Dinner

8pm-8:30pm Spanish

8:30 pm check emails, do any work that needs to be done before morning

10pm Lights out and sleep






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