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Pancake Tuesday

We are having a baby girl!

Today might be Mardi Gras for you but for me it is Pancake Tuesday. This is a tradition across Ireland that marks the first day of Lent. Traditionally it was to use up luxury items such as flour, sugar and eggs before the 40 day fast of Lent.

It used to be my favorite day of the year growing up, better than Chrismas and my birthdays. My mother hated making pancakes so we never had them any other day of the year. For one day only, we would gorge on the lemon and sugar goodness and go to bed with sick tummies. Lemon and sugar only- no fancy toppings like chocolate, ice-cream or Nutella!

Now that I’m an adult, I make pancakes almost every weekend. I have so many different recipes for them that are a bit healthier. I am not excited about Pancake Tuesday as I would have been as a child because I have them all the time. So I am not that excited anymore but I still make them as tradition.

I worry the same thing will happen if I travel for an extended period. As my quote says, what is rare is wonderful, maybe that is why we enjoy our vacations so much. They are short and a break from the mundane. Will constantly traveling be like Pancake Tuesday? I have them all the time now, so it isn’t special?



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