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Stupidity and Arrival in Cancun

The last few days in Cayman were stressful. I got waterboarded with Tequila at my “surprise leaving party”. I didn’t want a leaving party because when I’m stressed I will drink myself stupid and am a liability- which is exactly what happened!

I don’t know how this happened. I really don’t. I had been putting off getting my ESTA until the last minute. The night before I was due to leave, I still hadn’t done it and remembered as I was falling asleep. So hungover and tired, I answered yes to the question do you have a criminal conviction. (I don’t). My ESTA was denied and there was literally nothing I could do but book another flight through Cuba.

I’m pretty sure that the next time I want to visit America, I will have to apply for a visa. There is no American Embassy in Cayman so I would have to go to Jamaica or back to the embassy in Ireland. Fortunately, the flights weren’t that expensive but I can’t believe I was so careless.

Let this be a cautionary tale- be organised! Don’t fill out the ESTA application on your phone hungover and falling asleep the night before you are due to depart! What an idiot!

All things considered, my journey was smooth. My hostel was right beside the bus station. I went for dinner with a girl from Chile and got an early night. The hostel is really modern but it is definitely a party hostel- not my thing really. I leave today at 3pm for a bus to Valladolid. I think I will just relax there tomorrow and do the Chichen Itza the following day.

I feel really calm now after all of the stress and looking forward to the adventure!

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