Social Media and Blogging is a pile of shite

Recently in Ireland, there has been a backlash against bloggers using photoshop, staging photos and getting free stuff basically in exchange for social media posts.

Bloggers will constantly declare how much they love “travel” but what they actually love is free paid holidays and vacations. Staying in luxury resorts is not travel, it is not to be confused. I do not want to sound pretentious myself, but travel is experiencing a country, new place and meeting new local people. It is not about staying in a luxury resort that could be anywhere in the world, which you got for free to convince your followers to go stay there.

I also believe that Social Media can be hugely negative on a person’s mental health. Say you just came home from a job you hate, your husband is angry, the kids won’t do their homework and it been one of those days. You take a few minutes to yourself and look through Instagram and see a picture of me on a beautiful beach and think that my life is great and that you would love to swap places.

The thing is though, it is all relative. You can’t see how lonely I feel despite being in a beautiful place. You don’t know what I slept under two people shagging in the bunk bed above me. You don’t know I look skinny in my bikini because I’ve has a week of Montezuma’s revenge. I’m probably not going to share a picture after I’ve not quite made it to the bathroom after a long bus ride. (worst bladder ever!) I never put many pictures up of Grand Cayman for the reason, a beautiful picture does not tell the full story!

The best pictures of Instagram are staged, I have seen people pose and pose again for those photos desperately trying to act candid on the 50th take. (That’s another thing I don’t have the patience to set up and take good photos) At the same time, I want to write the blog to document the trip and am still on the fence as to whether to share it or not.

They used to say a picture is worth a thousand words. With Photo Shop and filters, the pursuit of perfection and the recent rise in “look how real I’m being sharing unedited photos” phenomena, a picture is worth sweet fuck all folks.


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