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Leaving Merida and arriving in Mexico City

A Brief Update

My last day in Merida, I was unfortunately struck down with stomach problems. (ie violent diarrhea) so spent most of the day in bed stewing in my own sweat.

The glamour!

I’m still sick today but made it to the airport and the flight to Mexico city was just under 2 hours. The airport is huge and I was having problems with my Uber so I braved the public bus and it was fine! I was so glad I didn’t fork out the extra 200 pesos a taxi would have been. I found my hostel with no problems and I was so surprised. I am always surprised when things are easy as I usually take the long way around. (i.e. get lost, lose something or make a fuck up of some description)

I am currently after eating a huge lunch despite my stomach not being 100% but I was so so hungry! Is it normal to still have an appetite when your sick?!

I’m waiting in a cafe beside my hostel waiting to check in and I’m going straight to bed for an hour. I think I will just explore the city tomorrow and visit some of the museums.

My Spanish is improving a little, I am determined to be self taught through Duolingo, podcasts and obviously immersion! Everyone so far in Mexico City has spoken English though so its not like I’m being challenged. That will happen as I travel down South I suppose.

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